CEIAG – Careers Education. Information, Advice and Guidance

At Hebburn Comprehensive, we aim to embed ambition and raise aspirations in all of our young people, so they have the very best life chances. Our careers programme plays an extremely important role in ensuring that pupils receive high-quality, impartial advice and guidance, to enable them to make informed choices about post-16 progression routes and future careers.

In school, we have designed a comprehensive careers programme that will allow pupils to develop the essential skills to be successful in the world of work. Our careers programme is designed to provide as many interactions with post-16 provider and employers as possible. This includes teacher-led activities during form period, work experience in year 10 and through engagement with local employers and other professionals. We are also involved in the ASK programme which allows us to work closely with the National Apprenticeship Service.

When designing the Careers programme, we have taken into consideration all of the Gatsby Benchmarks, to ensure quality of provision.

These benchmarks include:

  1. A good stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each individual pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Careers leader:

Mrs A. Spark email: sparka@hebburn.net  Tel:0191 4833199

Information for students

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) is taught as part of PSHE. Topics of study include finance awareness, work related learning, enterprise, types of career opportunities and employability skills. During your time in school, you will have several opportunities to meet and work with a variety of employers in different sectors. This could be face to face or virtually. In year 10 you may have the opportunity to complete a week’s work experience.

An overview of the programme and activities is available by clicking on the link for the programme of study below. All Subject areas make links to careers and where appropriate design Schemes of Learning with a specific Careers focus. You will take part in a careers week each year highlighting the career opportunities within subject areas and you will receive individual careers advice before the end of year 11. If you require advice, our careers advisor is available on Thursdays and can be contacted on AtkinsonT@hebburn.net.

During the year there will be opportunities for you to evaluate the various activities and provide feedback on how we can improve the programme.

Information for parents and carers

A bespoke programme has been developed for each year group to ensure individual needs are met and activities are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning. This is delivered through PSHE, subject areas and key events. Throughout the year students will engage with employers from a variety of sectors, some of which will be during the school’s enrichment week in the summer term.

Parents and carers have the opportunity to provide feedback about school life, including the career programme, at information and parents’ evenings and our careers advisor is available at parents’ evenings and can be emailed for advice using his school email AtkinsonT@hebburn.net  Information and supporting materials such as post 16 choices are available on our website to support.

All apprenticeship vacancies can be found on the link below. Your child should create an account and regularly check for new opportunities.


Information for staff

The career programme is part of our PSHE programme which is a static timetabled lesson once a fortnight. Each year group has its own programme, and all teaching material is available on SharePoint in the PSHE folder.

Each subject area makes their own explicit links to careers in the curriculum. Staff are also provided opportunities to reflect on careers provision during CPD.

The programme is evaluated in the summer term and includes opportunities for staff to feedback; outcomes inform future planning.

Information for employers

A range of events, integrated into our programme, will offer providers an opportunity to speak to students and/or their parents. These are delivered through assemblies, our career convention and our careers week. If you are an employer who can offer our school support with material, tasks or workshops, please contact out Career lead Mrs Spark on sparka@hebburn.net

Evaluation for CEIAG at Hebburn Comprehensive includes:

  • Analysis of destinations of leavers.
    • NEETs % figures.
    • Feedback from student leavers surveys
    • Reports to governors about careers.
    •Feedback on the careers programme from parents, students, employers. Staff use this to inform future career planning.
    • Careers evaluation found within school evaluation procedures and processes e.g. SEF, SIP.

Further Information

For further information about any of the items shown in this section, please contact the school’s Career Leader, Mrs A. Spark, on: Sparka@hebburn.net.

Department for Education Post-16 Choices


All apprenticeship vacancies can be found on the link below. You/Your child should create an account and regularly check for new opportunities. 


In an everchanging world, advice and guidance around Higher Education keeps evolving. Below is a link that brings to together the latest information specifically for the North East, as well as the rest of the country. 


Labour Market Information (LMI) has never been more important because as the labour market is in a constant state of change, there are implications for career choices and pathways for young people. It is essential that we keep up-to-date with what is happening in the labour market in order to deliver informed and realistic career education and guidance. 

Careerometer; This lets you view labour market information like pay, hours and future employment prospects for different occupations as well as the UK average.


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