CEIAG – Careers Education. Information, Advice and Guidance

At Hebburn Comprehensive, we aim to embed ambition and raise aspirations in all of our young people, so they have the very best life chances. Our careers programme plays an extremely important role in ensuring that pupils receive high-quality, impartial advice and guidance, to enable them to make informed choices about post-16 progression routes and future careers.

In school, we have designed a comprehensive careers programme that will allow pupils to develop the essential skills to be successful in the world of work. Our careers programme is designed to provide as many interactions with post-16 provider and employers as possible. This includes teacher-led activities during form period, work experience in year 10 and through engagement with local employers and other professionals. We are also involved in the ASK programme which allows us to work closely with the National Apprenticeship Service.

When designing the Careers programme, we have taken into consideration all of the Gatsby Benchmarks, to ensure quality of provision.

These benchmarks include:

  1. A good stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each individual pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Careers leader:

Mrs Annette Spark email: sparka@hebburn.net  Tel:0191 4833199

Introduction to Apprenticeships for Parents and Carers

Yearly Careers Plan. – activities 

Each year group has its own bespoke careers programme which ensures that each student leaves having experienced at least 5 meaningful encounters with employers during Years 7 – 11. It usually includes the following for each year group: 


  • Individual careers activities during form time delivered by class teachers 
  • Careers speed dating activity 
  • Assemblies 
  • Careers activities with South Tyneside College 


  • Individual careers activities during form time delivered by class teachers 
  • A ‘careers lab’ run by teachers with help from local employers. 
  • Assemblies 
  • Careers activities with South Tyneside College 


  • Individual careers activities during form time delivered by class teachers 
  • In-school careers convention/fair 
  • Assemblies 

YEAR 10 

  • Individual careers activities during form time by class teachers 
  • In-school careers convention/fair 
  • Assemblies 
  • Taster days at local 6th form schools and colleges 
  • Careers lab run by teachers with help from local employers. 
  • Mock interviews run by local employers 
  • Work experience 

YEAR 11 

  • Individual careers activities during form time by class teachers 
  • In-school careers convention 
  • Assemblies from local 6th forms and colleges and the national apprenticeship service. 
  • All pupils are required to fill in a questionnaire about their future career pathways to ensure that they all receive the correct, impartial advice and guidance suitable for their individual needs. 

Due to the current COVID – 19 pandemic, we are currently reviewing our careers programme, as some of the above activities may not be possible and alternative ways of reaching our objectives are being discussed.  This includes introducing more virtual activities and events into our programme.  

‘Covid-19, automation, climate change – how will these shape job prospects for young people?’ click on the link below to explore what this means for careers 


All apprenticeship vacancies can be found on the link below. You/Your son should create an account and regularly check for new opportunities. 


In an everchanging world, advice and guidance around Higher Education keeps evolving. Below is a link that brings to together the latest information specifically for the North East, as well as the rest of the country. 


Labour Market Information (LMI) has never been more important because as the labour market is in a constant state of change, there are implications for career choices and pathways for young people. It is essential that we keep up-to-date with what is happening in the labour market in order to deliver informed and realistic career education and guidance.