A Student Guide To Working At Home

Information For Parents

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• Work will be made available via Microsoft Teams.

• All pupils have had tutorials on how to access the key online platforms, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Please see the guide below.

• We recognise that individual circumstances may vary, but all pupils will be required to complete work, whether this is online or via paper copies. The government has made it clear that this is not an extended holiday.

• Work will be provided for pupils for each subject area, according to their timetable, via Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Where possible, teaching staff will be available for questions and support during the subject allocated timetable period.

• Where a pupil is not able to access teacher input at the scheduled time of their lesson, they will still be able to access the lesson resources via their Microsoft Teams account at a different time and will be expected to do so.

• Pupils will be required to submit work online, where this is possible, to enable teachers to provide feedback. It will not always be possible for feedback to be provided immediately. However, staff will endeavour to provide feedback via Microsoft Teams or Email.

• We understand that individual family circumstances will vary. If your child does not have access to an electronic device, such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, we will provide paper-based copies of the work required. This can be collected from reception by someone who is not isolating. Collection from school will by appointment only. If the household is isolating, we will make arrangements for work to be posted. Please contact your child’s pastoral team using the year group emails below. Please ensure that you put your child’s name and year group in the subject box.

Year 7 queries email year7support@hebburn.net

Year 8 queries email year8support@hebburn.net

Year 9 queries email year9support@hebburn.net

Year 10 queries email year10support@hebburn.net

Year 11 queries email year11support@hebburn.net

IT Support and Help Guide

Teams Cheat Sheet

Email Cheat Sheet


Office 365 apps including emails

These can be accessed from the following link https://www.office.com/?auth=2&home=1 with your school email address and normal log on password.

You can download and access the full office suite on your home computer, tablet or phone by clicking on the button install office.

When it installs you will need to log into office with your school email address and password.


Teams is available via office 365 on the web. By students logging onto their emails and clicking on the waffle (nine dots) in the top left hand corner and clicking on the Teams button. This may be slow to run depending on the amount of memory and or browser being used. It is advisable to download the app for your computer, tablet or phone from the following link.

Download desktop and mobile apps | Microsoft Teams


This can be accessed via office 365 on the web by clicking on the waffle or there is a mobile app. https://products.office.com/en-gb/sharepoint/mobile-app

Seneca Learning

Pupils should all have their own account.

If they have not they should sign up for themselves with their school email address. Then teachers can add them to a tracking class. They may have already sent a link to pupils, pupils should check their school email account.

Password Reset Link




Username is your school email address

Password is what you set, you should have received an email, please check junk folder or other inbox.

Institution Code is sg6

Password Reset

Click the “Trouble Logging in ?” Then put your school email address in and click “Reset Password”



Username is the pupil’s email address.

Password was emailed to pupils.

Password Reset Link