Media Studies Curriculum Intent

GCSE Media Studies

Exam Board: Eduqas

Media Studies takes a dynamic, modern look at the powerful world of media around us.

Over the two-year course pupils will study a broad range of media forms, including:

  • advertising and marketing
  • television
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • radio
  • video games
  • social media
  • music videos

The course develops a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of four main areas of media theory and prominent theorists:

  • Language
  • Industry
  • Audience
  • Representation

Pupils will study a range of set texts, set by the exam board. These are subject to change, but current texts include:

  • The Sun / The Guardian front pages
  • Fortnite video game
  • GQ / Pride magazine front covers
  • Spectre / The Man With The Golden Gun film posters
  • James Bond website
  • The Archers (Radio 4 drama)
  • This Girl Can / Quality Street print advertisements
  • Duran Duran / Katie Perry music videos
  • Luther (BBC crime drama) / The Sweeney

In analysing the media, learners will:

  • Demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking and analysis
  • Analyse and compare how media products construct and communicate meaning and generate intended interpretations and responses
  • Respond through discursive writing to show knowledge and understanding of media issues
  • Use subject-specific terminology appropriately

NEA Coursework Specific Skills:

Pupils will choose to develop skills in:

  • Photography
  • Filming with DLSR equipment
  • Video editing
  • Website design
  • Photo editing
  • Design software

In creating a media production, learners will also:

  • develop practical and decision-making skills
  • apply knowledge and understanding of media language and representation to a media production
  • use media language to express and communicate meaning to an intended audience.


Year 10

Focus: Component 1 (40%) 1 hour 30 minutes / Component 3 NEA (30%)

Checkpoint, termly and end of year assessments are employed, to monitor and track progress.

Coursework (Component 3 NEA) is completed in the summer term, over a 12 week period, and is assessed internally.

Year 11

Focus: Component 2 (30%) 1 hour 30 minutes

Checkpoint and termly assessments are employed, to monitor and track progress.

Final GCSE examinations take place in May / June:

Component 1

Component 2

NEA Coursework: 30%

Media is a vast and ever-growing industry. Future employment opportunities include:


· Computer game design

· Film and TV production (producer, director, camera operator, editor, set design, costume design, lighting technician)

  • Website design
  • Journalism
  • Market research
  • Photography
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Radio production
  • Social media

The media offers an exciting, dynamic career in a fast paced, ever-changing industry.