Head Teacher: Mr D R Thompson
Deputy Head Teacher: Mr D Cleugh (Curriculum & Teaching and Learning)
Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs S Burdis (Behaviour and Attitudes)
Assistant Head Teacher: Mr R Moore (Parental Engagement/Day-to-Day Logistics/Health and Safety)
Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs A Phillips (Personal Development)

Mrs E Armstrong HoL (Y11) / RE
Mr L Armstrong Teacher of Mathematics
Ms A Banks-Jongman Teacher of Mathematics and Child Development
Mrs R Beckford Head of French
Mrs C Bellas Attendance, Early Help & Family Liaison Officer
Mr M Bingham Safeguarding Manager (DDSL)
Mrs R Bingham Intervention Manager (Y7)
Mrs M Bishop Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor
Mr J Blake Head of Geography
Mr R Bowman Head of History
Mrs J Broadway Second in PE
Ms N Brooker Teacher of History
Mrs S Burdis Assistant Head Teacher (Behaviour and Attitudes) DSL
Mr J Chadwick Teacher of French (ECT)
Mr N Chambers Head of KS4 / Maths
Mr D Cleugh Deputy Head Teacher / Maths
Mr M Cousins Teacher of Food / Textiles / Art
Mrs L Cowie Head of Maths
Miss S-J Currie Teacher of English / Asst. SENCO (Acting)
Miss J Dodson Business Manager
Mrs L Dowling Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Miss L Duguid Teacher of Chemistry
Mrs J Duncan Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor
Mrs P Eggenton Caretaker
Ms A Endean Nurture Teacher
Miss J Engleby Office Administrator / MIS & Data Officer
Mrs H Engleby Art & Design Technology Technician
Mrs L Fawcett HoL (Y7) / Art & Textiles
Mrs J Fenwick Head of English
Mr R Fenwick Teacher of Science
Mr R Frame Head of ICT
Mrs C Fullerton Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Miss N Graham Teacher of English (ECT)
Mrs M Gray HLTA Inclusion Centre
Miss L Hadjikakou Teacher of Music / History (ECT)
Mr D Hall Teacher of Mathematics (ECT)
Mrs J Hall Head of Biology
Mrs A Harbison Intervention Manager (Y8)
Mr R Harrison Teacher of PE
Mrs V Hawyes Receptionist
Mrs P Henderson Second in Maths
Miss J Hood Head of KS3 / French
Mrs A Kelly Site Manager
Ms M Knight Reprographics / Finance Administrator
Mr S Longstaff T & L Development Coordinator / English & Media Studies
Miss J Ludlow T & L Development Coordinator / Mathematics
Miss S Ludlow Teacher of English and Mathematics
Mrs E McDevitt Acting HoL (Y9)
Miss M McGuinness Teacher of Art / Photography (ECT)
Mrs K Melville Office Lead / PA to Head Teacher
Mrs K Miller Teacher of Business Studies / ICT
Mr R Moore Assistant Head Teacher (Parental Engagement / Health & Safety)
Mrs C Moore HoL (Y8) / English
Mr C Mulley HoL (Y10) / Science
Miss L Murray Teacher of Geography
Mr M Obee Head of Physics
Mr L Owens Library & Learning Hub Co-ordinator
Mrs H Owers English / SENCO (Acting)
Mr D Park Network Manager
Mrs M Parry Teacher of History
Mrs A Phillips Assistant Head Teacher (Personal Development)
Mrs D Pullen Head of Science
Mr L Reid Teacher of PE
Miss S Richardson Office Administrator / Exams & Data Manager
Mr G Ridley Second in English
Mrs C Robson English / Media Co-ordinator
Mrs J Ryan Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss C Scott Intervention Manager (Y11)
Mrs J Scott Finance Officer
Mrs C Sharp Head of RE
Miss J Shield HoL (Y9) / ICT
Miss R Shovlin Teacher of English
Miss S Siddiqui Head of Art and Design
Miss J Small Science Technician
Miss G Smith Teacher of Maths
Mrs A Spark Teacher of Science
Miss E Studholme Teacher of Geography (ECT)
Mrs S Todd Head of PE
Mr D Thompson Head Teacher
Miss D Turner Art / Photography Co-ordinator
Mrs E Winder Attendance Officer
Mr S Wilkinson Head of Music
Mr S Williams Head of Technology / Engineering
Miss S Woodcock Intervention Manager (Y10)
Mr P Young Second in Technology / Engineering