Uniform List

Please ensure that all uniform is clearly labelled with your name.

Uniform – 2023-2024


  • A plain black school blazer with the school’s badge.
    • Blazers must be worn around the school building at all times during the school day, including lesson changeover.
    • It is at the discretion of the teacher whether blazers can be removed in lessons.
  • Plain white school shirt that is buttoned to the neck.
    • Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
  • Optional plain black or grey V-neck school jumper or plain black or grey school cardigan.
    • Jumpers or cardigans should be worn underneath the blazer: they do not replace the blazer.
    • Pupils must not wear sweatshirts, hoodies or long cardigans.
  • Black and red school tie that is the appropriate length and fastened correctly.
    • Year 11 prefects should wear their prefect tie and badge at all times.


  • Plain black or grey, tailored, full length school trousers. Please see the images below for further clarification.
    • Pupils should not wear ‘skinny’ trousers, jeans, jeggings, leggings or sports leggings: they are not appropriate for school. If a pupil is wearing any of these items, appropriate sanctions will be put in place and parents/carers will be contacted, so the issue can be rectified quickly.
  • A black or grey A-line or straight knee-length school skirt. Please see the images below for further clarification.
    • Skirts should not be tight fitting or made out of stretch material. It is extremely important that skirts are the appropriate length. If a pupil is not wearing an appropriate skirt, appropriate sanctions will be put in place and parents/carers will be contacted, so the issue can be rectified quickly.


  • Plain black, polishable footwear with no other colours or coloured logos. Branding and stitching should be black. Please see images below for further information.
  • Boots are not allowed.
  • Canvas/fabric footwear is not allowed.
    • Please note that footwear which is not plain and black is not acceptable and must be replaced. If a pupil is wearing the incorrect footwear, i.e. footwear that is not plain, black and polishable, appropriate sanctions will be put in place and parents/carers will be contacted and asked to rectify the issue.
  • Socks and tights should be black or grey.


  • Outdoor coats should be removed in the school building.
  • Caps or hats should not be worn inside the school building.


  • Red polo shirt with the school’s badge (available from JK clothing in Jarrow)
  • Plain black shorts
  • Red football socks
  • Trainers


  • Students are advised to purchase protective equipment such as shin pads and mouth guards where appropriate


  • Hairstyles should not be extreme.
    • Please note that the following are not allowed in school:
      • Unnatural hair colour, such as blue, pink and orange;
      • Razored patterns or tramlines;
      • Closely-shaven hair;


  • If a hijab, or other head scarf, is worn, it must be black. Pins or clips must be dark in colour and understated.


  • Make-up, if used, should be natural and subtly applied. If pupils are wearing excessive amounts of make-up, they will be asked to remove it. Should a pupil refuse to do this, they will be referred to the Behaviour Support Room and parents/carers will be contacted, so the issue can be quickly resolved.
  • Pupils should not re-apply make-up during the school day.
  • The make-up policy will be monitored closely; if it is not adhered to, we will revert to a policy of no make-up.
  • No nail varnish.
  • No false, gel or acrylic nails.
  • For the reasons of health and safety, fingernails should be kept short.
  • No false eyelashes.
  • No bright eye shadow.
  • No bright lipstick/gloss.


  • For reasons of health and safety, we have a no jewellery policy, except for a wrist watch.
  • Piercings, of any kind, including transparent piercing retainers, are not allowed in school. Please note that pupils will not be allowed to cover piercings with an Elastoplast or any form of sticky tape. They must be removed, or sanctions will be put in place.

Please note that any piercings should be done at the start of the summer holidays, so they can be removed in September.


  • No tattoos

Please take a close look at the following guidance, before purchasing footwear:


Not Allowed:

  • Boots
  • Canvas/fabric footwear
  • Colours other than black, including on logos/branding/stitching