World events can sometimes leave us feeling powerless. We know this isn’t an issue that an app on your phone can solve.

But we also know that people who may be sick, whose loved ones are at risk, or who are anxious about all the uncertainty, need whatever support they can get.

For the next few months, there will be a free section in the app called Weathering the storm, available to everyone. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help guide you through this. It’s our small way of helping you find some space and kindness for yourself, and those around you.

It’s unlocked now in the Headspace app. If you need us, we’re here for you.


Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people


Free mental and emotional health support via telephone and face-to-face appointments:

0191 2832937


Free mental health support for young people who are experiencing serious mental illness or symptoms of ill mental health:

0191 5665500

ICTS (Crisis) Team

Free emergency support for young people who present an immediate risk to themselves or others

0191 5665500—then ask for the ICTS Team

Safeguarding Support

Safeguarding Lead / Assistant Head Teacher:


Telephone:  01914833199

Social Care Advice and Support

Early Help Outreach Advice: 0191 4246210

Children’s Services (ISIT) 9am—5pm:0191 4245010

Children’s Services (Out of Hours) 5pm onwards: 0191 4562093

Police (non emergency): 101 or 01661 872555 (emergency) 999

Food Banks

Hebburn Helps, Campbell Park Road, Hebburn: 0191 4899707

New Hope Church, South Shields: 0191 4245462

Hospitality and Hope, South Shields: 0191 4203336