Vision Statement

Our vision at Hebburn Comprehensive School is to have a harmonious community where the emphasis for all is on learning and achievement, where pupils feel safe and happy and where a culture of success and ambition is embedded and celebrated throughout the school and wider community. We aim to raise the aspirations of all our young people, inculcating a respect for one another and for the values of learning, citizenship and tolerance. Through challenge, partnership and support, we aim to raise standards of achievement further; create a genuine sense of community spirit; and enhance all of our pupils’ life chances for the future.

We shall know we are succeeding as:

  • motivation and participation continue to increase;
  • standards of literacy and numeracy continue to improve;
  • achievement for all groups continues to rise;
  • an increasing number of pupils proceeds to further and higher education; and when
  • all pupils feel a sense of belonging, reflected in corporate ownership,
  • corporate values, corporate pride and a corporate desire to maximise the potential of learning and to celebrate achievement.

Mission Statement

To develop Hebburn Comprehensive School as a centre of excellence for all.


Hebburn Comprehensive School aims:

  • to provide for every pupil an education which is appropriate to his/her needs and ability;
  • to create an environment for learning that inspires and enthuses all of our young people;
  • to provide the highest standards in teaching and learning and pastoral care;
  • to provide a safe and secure environment in which a high-quality education can be delivered;
  • to promote and support the intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual and cultural welfare of the individual;
  • to promote positive attitudes, raise aspirations and embed ambition;
  • to promote the highest standards in reading, writing, communication and maths, in order to access the curriculum and develop essential skills for future employment;
  • to promote the principles of self-fulfilment, personal achievement and enterprise in all aspects of each pupil’s development;
  • to stimulate a sense of personal responsibility which is reflected in the highest possible standards of work, learning, behaviour and appearance;
  • to develop a sense of corporate responsibility towards the school, the community and society in general, by promoting cultural awareness and the values of citizenship and social responsibility;
  • to use to maximum effect the delegated budget and other finance at its disposal, in order to provide human resources, accommodation and teaching resources of the highest and most suitable quality;
  • to liaise with parents and other appropriate interested parties who share responsibility for the academic progress and welfare of its pupils;
  • to maintain an appropriate and well-qualified teaching and non-teaching staff, who will:
    • be responsible for the education and welfare of designated classes/groups of pupils in accordance with the requirements of Conditions of Employment of School Teachers, having due regard to the requirements of the National Curriculum, the school’s aims, objectives and schemes of work, and any policies of the Governing Body;
    • share in the corporate responsibility for the well-being and discipline of all pupils;
    • monitor and evaluate the academic and general progress of designated classes/groups of pupils, and share in the corporate responsibility for reporting such progress;
    • support the learning and development of all pupils.