Year 6 Pupil Transition Activities


Hello Year 6,
South Tyneside Music Service have created musical activities for you to work on at home.  Feel free to work on any of the activities in the link below.  The singing lessons will be extremely useful in preparing yourself for starting year 7 at Hebburn Comprehensive School.
If you only have time to try one activity, then try this one:

Food Tech

Hello, Year 6. My name is Mr Cousins, I am the food and nutrition teacher here at Hebburn Comprehensive. During the transition day you would normally come into my food room and get to know the room. As this is not possible and you are unable to spot the dangers of the food room, I would like you to create a poster of food room rules:
  • Task one, Create a title “Food Room Rules”.
  • Task two, write down at least 5 rules and the reasons for the rules using the rules sheet provided.
  • Task three, draw some images relating to the rules and colour them in.
If you would like to do this on PowerPoint and you have a computer, then you can do this. I have included a great example from a year 7 student.