Our vision at Hebburn Comprehensive School is to have a harmonious community where the emphasis for all is on learning and achievement, where pupils feel safe and happy and where a culture of success and ambition is embedded and celebrated throughout the school and wider community. We aim to raise the aspirations of all our young people, inculcating a respect for one another and for the values of learning, citizenship and tolerance. Through challenge, partnership and support, we aim to raise standards of achievement further; create a genuine sense of community spirit; and enhance all of our pupils’ life chances for the future.

We shall know we are succeeding as:

  • motivation and participation continue to increase;
  • standards of literacy and numeracy continue to improve;
  • achievement for all groups continues to rise;
  • an increasing number of pupils proceeds to further and higher education; and when
  • all pupils feel a sense of belonging, reflected in corporate ownership, corporate values, corporate pride and a corporate desire to maximise the potential of learning and to celebrate achievement.

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