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Year 10 Food
(Modules, Topics)
Nutrition – Carbs
General healthy eating using the Eatwell Plate. Carbohydrates as a macronutrient. Importance of a source of energy. Main sources and benefits as a source of NSP

Proteins, Fats
Animal and vegetable sources and functions. Alternative proteins in vegetarian diet. Variety of function within practical outcomes. Use of meat, eggs, cheese and milk

Vitamins and minerals – importance in diet as antioxidants. 5 a day

Application of fats in cooking. Comparison of shortcrust and rough, puff pastry, cakes and biscuits

Bread making, main conditions for growth of bacteria, moulds and fungus. Practical application in cooking and prevention of food poisoning
Emulsions / Colloids
Stable and unstable vinaigrette and mayonnaise. Scientific principles of sauces and the effects of acids and alkalis on food products

Finishing techniques to enhance the appearance of food – piping, glazing, layering etc.

Colourings, flavourings and additives
Used in food production. Natural and chemical additives – E numbers and the importance on labelling in EU. Effects and possible reactions on particular consumer groups

Their properties – appropriate use for a range of food qualities. Recycling

Understanding of voluntary and statutory labelling. Government guidelines and new legislation

Industrial Application
General principles of HACCP in industry. Hygienic food preparation.

Consumer Groups
Eat well plate – proportions of daily intakes. Deficiency diseases, overweight

Linked to labelling and sustainable food production. Environmental issues – organic, GM free, AFS and Fair Trade

Special Diets
Understanding food related diets such as diabetes, coeliac and conditions caused by under/over eating particular food groups. Adapting recipes to fit particular dietary needs
Year 11 Food
(Modules, Topics)
Controlled Assessment
Research and analysis
Design and prototype investigation
Analysis of prototypes
Mock exams
Product specification
Product development and testing
Final product
Final analysis
Preliminary release material
Revision and testing
Final exam

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