Work for completion in event of closure – ICT

ICT and Computing Contingency Plans for the School Closure

Year 7 and 8      

Year 7 Spreadsheet Tasks delivered via teams.

Year 7 Offline booklet relating to spreadsheet uses and purposes


Year 8 Coding and Sensors

Year 8 Offline – Coding booklet relating to research on driverless cars  (computer programming lessons and resources)  (computer science lessons and resources)  (coding activities and challenges)  (complete computer graphics course)  (coding activities and challenges)  (block based coding platform and tutorials)  (computing notes and revision)  (ICT notes and revision)

Year 9/10

  • Iachieve website and research assignments
  • Offline – Printed research assignments

Year 11                

  • Coursework submitted through teams
  •  Printed exam booklets and revision guides


All year groups  recorded webinars and activities delivered through ‘Teams‘ Accessible on a personal computing device with an internet connection and browser capability


All year groups resources


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