PSHCE Shaping my Future

Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Economic Education     Shaping my Future

During ‘Shaping my future’ sessions each year group follow the following topics:

Year 11Year 10Year 9Year 8Year 7
Autumn 1

Personal target setting/Study skills/Homework/Revision (AP)
Year 11 IAG questionnaire
Autumn 2

Post mocks – Charity (HOL)

Economic well being
•financial capability

w/b 3 Nov IAG questionnaire.
How subjects relate to jobs.
How jobs are changing.

Economic well-being
•financial capability

w/b 8 Dec – Recording of results
Spring 1

Personal statement
College/Uni talks
My skillsCareers
IAG questionnaire
What are personal qualities?
Researching potential careers.
Linking skills to careers
•Personal qualities
•How to research careers and industry sectors
IAG questionnaire
Spring 2

IAG questionnaire.
Local Labour Market.
Personal action plans.

Options prep World of work
Work skills.
How to improve their own personal skills.
World of work
• Linking skills to jobs.
• How jobs may change in the future.

w/b 20 April - Recording of results
Summer 1

RevisionWorld of work

Personal action plans.
The do’s and don’ts of job interviews.
Economic well being
Financial capability
Summer 2

FinishedWork experience Prep
Health and safety
Expectations of work experience.


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