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Dear Parent/Carer
Please read the letter below carefully, as it outlines expectations for the compulsory wearing of face coverings/masks in all communal areas from Monday 21 September.  Pupils will be bringing the letter home with them this afternoon.

Important News From Nexus

School bus services during Coronavirus

Bus companies and Nexus are providing extra buses to get pupils to and from schools across Tyne and Wear as the new term starts. The extra buses, supported by Government funding, are on top of normal services and dedicated home-school routes so pupils can travel in line with public health advice on Covid-19.

This has gone well with those schools that have returned so far but there are two specific points we need your help with when communicating with pupils, parents and guardians:

  1. Pupils should wear face coverings when using any public transport, including all buses dedicated to transport to and from schools, except where there is an exemption on health grounds.  Please reinforce this with your pupils.  Bus drivers may refuse boarding to passengers without face coverings but we and our industry partners want to avoid that situation.  Where you require pupils to wear face covering as part of the school day this could be incorporated into your wider messaging – but even if not, can you stress that pupils using public transport have and use face coverings.


  1. In many cases bus companies are providing duplicate vehicles immediately behind a normal bus to provide segregation for pupils.  In these cases pupils will be directed to board the following vehicles which will have the letter ‘S’ displayed alongside the route number.  Pupils may need to pay on the normal bus then walk round to the duplicate vehicle.  This system has worked effectively in those parts of the region where it started last week – but once again your help in communicating this is appreciated,

As the new term gets going, we have the following general advice for travel:

·         Families should plan how their children will reach schools and colleges comfortably – walking and cycling where journeys are shorter, using a car for part of the journey but dropping off away from school gates, and identifying which public transport they can use if they need to.

·         There will be extra buses on many services going to or near schools, following established routes. These will include buses on busy routes so pupils can travel separately to other passengers.

·         Pupils using public transport should use a contactless card or have exact change to make their journey wherever possible – some operators also have mobile phone ticket apps that allow gifting from parents to a child’s account; check operator websites for details.

·         Anyone using public transport should follow standard public health advice – washing hands thoroughly throughout the day, wearing a face covering if aged over 11 and not exempt, and not travelling if they have symptoms of Covid-19. Ensure you maintaining social distancing, where possible, including at busy entrances, exits, under canopies, bus stops, platforms or outside of stations.


We understand that you may need to ask specific year groups or bubbles either not to attend school, or be sent home, at short notice.  Pupils with covid-19 symptoms or suspected/confirmed cases must not travel on buses.  Pupils within the wider bubble may do so to return from school if no other transport is available, but we hope this can be kept to a minimum.


You can also use the above email if you have any questions, or need to raise any concerns about public transport with us – either about services provides by Nexus directly for your school, or the wider network.

Yours sincerely

Huw Lewis

Customer Services Director


In line with government guidelines, children are encouraged to walk or cycle to school when they return in September.

Nexus has provided the following information for pupils who have to travel on public transport when we return to school.

A reminder that, due to limited spaces for bikes on the school site, children living in Hebburn, and in walking distance, should travel to school on foot to allow those living outside of the town to use bikes, rather than using public transport.



The past few months have been incredibly challenging for everyone, and particularly for students in Y11, following the cancellation of formal examinations and the recent uncertainty over the determination of final grades.

However, hard work and attendance at extra sessions throughout the key stage have certainly paid off: students should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.

As always, there are some outstanding individual performances, reflecting students’ ability, their excellent work ethic and their positive attitude towards learning.

I am extremely proud of how Y11 students conducted themselves in their final week in school and throughout the enforced closure period: they are a credit to the school, their families and, most of all, to themselves.

I would like to reiterate my sincere thanks to parents and carers for the continued support, as well as to our fantastic team of staff for all of their hard work.

I wish everyone in the year group the very best of luck for the brightest of futures.

David Thompson
Head Teacher

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