Engineering     KS4     Assessment

Year 10 Engineering
(Unit 1, Unit 2)
Unit 1: The Engineered World
Topic A1: Engineering sectors and products
Topic A2: Mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering processes
Topic A3: Scales of production
Topic A4: Modern production methods.
Topic B1: Modern and smart materials in engineering
Topic B2: Modern material foams in engineering
Topic B3: Modern material processes in engineering
Topic B4: New technologies in engineering
Unit 1: The Engineered World
Topic C1: Sustainable engineered products
Topic C2: Minimising waste production in engineering
Topic C3: Lean manufacturing
Topic C4: Renewable sources of energy in engineering
Unit 2: Investigating an Engineering Product
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Topic A1: Technical specification
Topic B1: Selection of materials and components
Topic B2: Environmental impact
Topic B3: Alternative materials
Topic C1: Selection of production processes
Topic C2: Environmental impact
Topic C3: Comparing production processes
Topic D1: Quality control (QC)
Topic D2: Quality assurance (QA)
Year 11 Engineering
(Unit 8)
Unit 8: Electronic Circuit Design and Construction
Assignment 1
temperature sensor
Unit 1 online exam

Topic A1: Input components
Topic A2: Process components
Topic A3: Output components
Topic A4: Passive components
Topic A5: Power
Unit 8: Electronic Circuit Design and Construction
Electronic timer

Topic B1: Circuit design
Topic B2: Circuit board construction
Topic C1: Circuit soldering techniques
Topic D1: Testing electronic circuits
Moderation and resits

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