Curriculum Overview Assessment Model

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Assessment and Reporting Schedule

07/09/15-11/09/15Y7 MidYIS Tests
Y7 R&S Tests
Baseline Tests M&E
02/11/15-20/11/15Y11 Mocks & Assessment 1
03/12/15Mock Results Day
Y7 - Y10 Progress reports to parents.
04/12/15Y7 Tutorial Day
12/01/16Y11 Full Reports to Parents
14/01/16Y11 Parents' Evening
22/02/16-04/03/16Assessment 2
21/03/16Y7, Y8 & Y11
Progress Reports to Parents
23/03/16Y9 & Y10 Full Reports to Parents
20/04/16Y7 & Y9 Parents' Evening
16/05/16-28/06/16GCSE Examinations
16/05/16-17/06/16Assessment 3
07/07/16Y9 & Y10 Progress Reports to Parents
19/07/16Y7 & Y8 Full Reports to Parents


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