Box Open Evening 2016

Open Evening 2016


Our thanks to all pupils and parents who attended our Open Evening on Thursday 22 September: the buzz around the school was absolutely electric! Lots of happy children engrossed in all of the exciting activities on offer. There was a real community spirit, with many positive comments about our supportive and caring ethos and the excellent GCSE results in the summer.
We are delighted with the feedback:

“Thank you for a wonderful evening and for making us feel so welcome.”
“Fantastic school with very friendly staff and pupils.”
“Lovely children showing us around. Thank you.”
“Pupils have great respect for the school.”
“We love the feeling of this school and found both staff and pupils very helpful.”
“Great event that involved the children. All student helpers were welcoming and keen to help.”
“All of the pupils were wonderful, very polite and friendly. They are clearly very happy and love their school. I was also impressed at how socially conscious they are. Thank you for an excellent evening.”
“Very well organised. Pupils and staff were very helpful and informative. Really enjoyed tonight.”
“Lovely school with lovely, well-mannered pupils.”
“Lovely atmosphere. Friendly staff and great activities. No doubt which school I’m sending my daughter to.”
“Well organised evening. Both staff and pupils very friendly, polite and helpful. Thank you.”
“Very impressed with all of the staff and pupils. The evening was informative, friendly and welcoming. What a fantastic school!”
“This school is the best in my eyes. I would pick it out of any other school.” “Excellent night. Very informative.”
“My daughter had a great evening and is very excited to come back and visit again in July.”

Thank you for being part of such a fantastic evening. We hope to see you all again in September.

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