Primary Induction

Primary Induction

“Care, support and guidance are good.   The support given to students at the key points in their education, such as when they join or leave the school, is very effective.”

Ofsted 2010

As a school, we take seriously our duty of care for children transferring from the primary sector.   Every effort is made to ensure that our key values underpin all work we undertake in order to ensure a smooth transition to secondary education.   We firmly believe that children need – and have the right – to be happy and feel safe at school, in order for them to profit to the maximum from the diverse range of opportunities on offer and enjoy levels of achievement in line with, and beyond, their potential.

An extensive programme of visits and learning is offered to all pupils transferring to us, or likely to join us, over a two-year period, prior to the year of transfer.   We aim to allay any fears, whilst stimulating interest and enthusiasm and providing access to learning and socialisation opportunities in a range of situations, across the gamut of subject areas.   The vast majority of pupils, coming from our catchment primary schools, will have had numerous opportunities to visit the school, prior to the official Open Evening, held in October of each year.   Once choices have been made, any pupils from schools beyond our normal catchment are also invited to join our transfer programme: this is vital for those who know very few, if any, other pupils who will form their cohort.

A senior member of staff, Mr R Moore, Assistant Head, is the consistent face pupils will see, both when they come into Hebburn Comprehensive and when our staff visit the primary schools, to give additional information and answer any questions.   We hold a ‘Roadshow’ in all primary schools whose pupils transfer to us, fronted by Mr D Perez, Deputy Head and current Year 7 pupils of the school.   The SENCo, Mrs M Payne, who is also an Assistant Head Teacher, attends any Annual Reviews for Special Needs pupils, prior to transfer; she also visits the pupils and staff in their primary schools, accompanied by the Head of Learning for Year 7, who will be the main point of contact for pupils and parents both before and after transfer.   Every effort is made to meet the particular needs of all children.

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