Home Study Timetable 29-4-20

To make home learning easier, we have created a weekly timetable for pupils to follow. However, we do realise these are very challenging times and acknowledge that family circumstances are different. It is not a timetable that has to be rigidly followed like the one we have in school.  Some children may find it difficult to work for the allocated time and some may want to do a little bit more. Although we would encourage pupils to try and finish the tasks that have been set, we do understand if work is not always done or complete.

Pupils should check emails and Teams for instructions on a daily basis and aim to complete the tasks set. There will be some work that needs to be sent back to the teacher. 

To avoid all emails/instructions being sent on a Monday morning, teachers will send instructions on the day the subject first appears on the timetable. This should help with prioritising work. 

Examples of excellent work will feature in our ‘Work of the Week’ gallery on Facebook each Friday. 

Home Study Timetable

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