History     KS3/KS4     Assessment

Year 7
(Modules, Topics)
What is history?
Who invaded Britain before 1066? Movement and settlement.
Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings.
Who was Bede?
The Norman conquest.
Contenders for the throne 1066. Why did the Normans win the battle of Hastings?
Conquest and Saxon rebellions.
How did medieval monarchs keep control?
How successful were medieval monarchs in keeping control?
The feudal system
Castles, Domesday book
A quick history of castles- Armour and weapons
Religion and the church
The power of the King – Could he do whatever he liked?
State v Church
Henry II v Thomas Becket
Why did the barons rebel against King John?
Magna Carta.
The crusades.
What was life like in medieval times?
The Black death and the Peasants revolt
England and the wider world.
Power over Wales and Scotland.
The 100 year war.
The battle of Agincourt.
Joan of Arc.
The War of the Roses
Richard III.
Henry VII.
Voyages of discovery. 1492
Year 8
(Modules, Topics)
Renaissance and Reformation
The Roman Catholic Church.
Luther and Calvin.
Who had the biggest influence during the renaissance?
Leonardo di Vinci
Martin Luther
The Reformation and the Tudors: How successful was the Tudor dynasty in dealing with their problems?
Henry VIII and The Break with Rome.
Why did Henry make the decision to break away from the Roman Catholic Church?
Elizabeth I
Mary Queen of Scots
The Spanish Armada
The causes and events of the English civil war
How far did the English civil war change England?
The Stuart Dynasty.
The Gunpowder Plot.
The Civil war- causes and events.
Which side would you support in the English civil war?
What was life like during the Restoration era?
From Glorious Revolution to the 45’: How united was the Kingdom?
James II and The Glorious Revolution.
Act of Union 1707
The Jacobites.
The Agricultural Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The development of the factory system
Cottages to factories
Living conditions
What changes happened in Hebburn?
Local Industries: Mining and Shipbuilding.
Beamish fieldwork
Year 9
(Modules, Topics)
Slavery: What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to be a slave?
What were the realities of the Atlantic slave trade?
The Abolition of slavery.
The British Empire 1750 -1900. Impact of empire.
When did Britain become a democracy?
How did women win the right to vote?
Changing role for women 1914 to 1918
Why did the Great war start? Sarajevo.
World War One.
The Western Front.
What was fighting and life for soldiers like on the Western front?
Trench warfare.
The Home front 1914 to 18
The Russian revolution.
The role of the USA during the Great war.
Communism and Fascism.
The USA during the 1920’s.
The rise of Hitler and the Nazis.
Life in Nazi Germany?
The persecution of the Jews 1933 to 1939.
The Holocaust.
Why was there another World War?
Methods of warfare during WW2. The role of Winston Churchill during WW2
WW2 and its impact upon civilians.
The Blitz
The bombing of Dresden.
America and WW2.
Pearl Harbor to
How did the experience of civilians in war in the First World War differ from the experience in the Second World War?
The Cold war.
The Cuban missile crisis.
The space race.
Civil rights in the USA.
Year 10
(Modules, Topics)
The Origins of the First World War
Peace making and the League of Nations
GCSE Controlled Course work
The British people at war
Hitler’s foreign policy and the causes of the Second World War
Year 11
(Modules, Topics)
The USA. The Roaring 20s. 1918-1929
The USA. The Great Depression era. 1929 -1932
FDR and the New Deal. 1933 – 1941
Failure at home and abroad. The USA and Vietnam. 1954-1975
Revision for exams


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