Art KS4

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Y10 & Y11
(Modules, Topics)
Terms 1 & 2
Surfaces Project
Terms 3 & 4
3D Mask
Painting or drawing. “FROM ABOVE” (past exam question 2016)

Collecting images from school and pupils surrounding homes using the theme From Above ( photographs, drawings)
Art trip to Newcastle gathering images and making a series of drawings in a range of art techniques and materials.
Artist research with suggested artists. Independent learning finding artists of your own using this theme.
Initial ideas and variations with annotations.
Looking at compositions and scale.
Experimenting with materials for the final work. Assessing which works best and why.
A1 final work.
Assessing your final work.
Teacher assessment and time period to improve.
All above work to be completed before work experience.

3D/relief work. “DISGUISE”(Past exam question 2015)

Brainstorm different thoughts on the theme Disguise (thinking outside the box)
Collecting images and information. Photograph primary sources.
Art trip.
Drawings from primary sources and secondary images with annotations.
Workshop working in pairs camouflaging each other’s face with food and found objects (reference to Giuseppe Arcimboldo) Document through photography and annotate.
4 possible ideas.
Experiment with different materials and techniques (clay; air drying and fired, modroc, wire, papier mache)
Make final work documenting each stage as a visual diary.
Assess each stage and explain you journey.
Paint/decorate/texture/glaze final work.
Assess final work.
Teacher assessment and time to improve.
All coursework to be completed by December 2016

Final GCSE Examination
You will answer an examination paper during this term (Preparation Jan 2017 Examination April 2017) Your final work and preparation will be marked internally by art staff then externally by visiting moderators together with your coursework (portfolio) You will then be awarded a final mark for your GCSE.

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