Our thanks to all pupils and parents who attended our Open Evening on Thursday 20 September.

We are delighted with the feedback:

“Staff and children speak very highly of the school. They share information about their subjects in a friendly manner. We have been impressed!”

“excellent opportunities to ask questions. Pupils were very interactive and acted appropriately.”

“It was the best I hope I will come again. This will definitely be the school for me. THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!”

“I have enjoyed being able to bring my child to look around and this certainly has helped him and me get a feel for the school. Staff and children alike very helpful and welcoming!”

“I am definitely wanting to come to this school.”

“From coming to this opening evening I have made my decision fully and I will be definitely be coming to this school this is an amazing school !!!!!!!!”

“this school was amazing and my daughter really enjoyed looking around, She liked it very much and she hopes she gets in. She loves this school and really wants to learn more.”

“The children have been a credit to the school, very approachable, helpful and proud to show off their school”


“It was great and the pupils where very helpful if you needed help.”

“The children were all very helpful and very polite you should be very proud of them all thank you.”

“It’s fab.”

“Wonderful atmosphere. Very welcoming staff and pupils alike. Thank you all for your support with making a very important decision.”

“this was the best night at school EVER!!!!”

“Excellent learning environment and helpful staff and the children reflect what a great school this is.”

“this was excellent.lots of fun things to do and looks like a brilliant learing enviroment with amazing lessons.”

“Fun and very interesting.great environment and pupils.”

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